The Quantum Generation Health™ decentralized digital ID enabled by QUBIT Blockchain® provides credentials and clearance to interact in social and work environments.



The Quantum Generation Health™ decentralized identity is how individuals control when, where, and with whom they share their credentials.

Decentralized Identity-Enabled by QUBIT Blockchain®, providing a platform to issue, exchange, and verify digital identities. We utilize AI and smart contracts in our mobile application that authenticate test results and provide real-time body temperatures, and notifications —providing clearance to interact in social and work environments. 


Register App

Create your account and blockchan based digital ID on your mobile app.



 Status scanned to your blockchain-based QR Code. Verified digital credentials to interact in social and work environments.


Global Health Passport

Provide verified decentralized digital credentials from your mobile app to interact at schools, travel, restaurants, work, events, and other social environments without limitations.

Forget New Normal!
Lets Get Back To Normal!

QHealth Portal

Access on all devices to confirm digital ID, upload test results, and authorize interaction at schools, travel, restaurants, work, events, and other social environments without limitations.


QUBIT Blockchain has a wide range of applications and uses in healthcare. Enhance patient management, tracking, monitoring & mobility The ledger technology facilitates the secure transfer of patient medical records, manages the medicine supply chain and helps healthcare researchers unlock genetic code.


Quantum Generation™ enterprise blockchain is built as a mobile-first distributed ID-management network. All members of the ecosystem, whether they're businesses or individuals, own and control their data, and can use it to several ends. More importantly, to authorize employees' interaction at work.



QGUV complete turnkey solutions, and systems for safely disinfecting any surface!

Disinfection without any chemical  • Cost-effective, powerful, quick, and easy-to-use...  • No chemicals, side effects, or health hazards • Simply the best surface disinfection system available 


COVID-19 A Mini-Lab for the Home orPoint-of-Care

Early Detection –up to 5 min to Results QT Sensor and Cartridges can detect the virus within hours of infection –before symptoms occur.


Affordable Pricing

$ 10 / month

Basic Plan

  • 1 Individual 
  • 24/7Support
$ 25 / month

Premium Plan

  • Family 3
  • 24/7Support
$ 50 / month

Business Plan

  • 10 People
  • 24/7Support

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